Martin Bauendahl
Real life vs Societal expectations


Martin Bauendahl

Real life vs Societal expectations

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I’m baaaack!!!

I handed my dissertation in yesterday and I’m now officially done with my degree and hopefully never going back to school (ugh, but I kinda sorta maybe, coulda, woulda wanna do a phd in a few years though…)

But I’m back! If only I had someone to go out with tonight. I’m feeling very going out-y but no one wants to hang out :(

Oh and I joined tinder cos a mate always had the best stories about the people he talks to on there… I have a story soon for you guys…

"The days of opening one’s email box and getting only 1 unread message are long gone; along with the days the dodo walked the earth, and pluto was a planet."

The opening line of a section in my master’s thesis. Clearly, I’m doing something right.


Please help my friend if you can, she’s such a wonderful and sweet person. Let’s help make her dream come true 

Researchers are weird as fuck.

Researchers are weird as fuck.

Again, I’m Yellow, She’s Red
Wilful ignorance is a privilege those not harmed by racism get to have.
She’s now pulling the ‘I was only trying to help line’ I really don’t understand how people can be so fucking self absorbed.


Again, I’m Yellow, She’s Red

Wilful ignorance is a privilege those not harmed by racism get to have.

She’s now pulling the ‘I was only trying to help line’ I really don’t understand how people can be so fucking self absorbed.


What happens when two baroque cellists perform a cover of “Thunderstruck" by AC/DC? They shred. Literally. Keep an eye on their bows as the piece progresses.

This awesome video features Croatian cellists Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, aka 2Cellos, playing their phenomenal “BaRock style” arrangement of the hard rock classic for a completely bewildered 17th century audience. The concept is wonderful, but the actual performance is astonishing.

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Taking a break.

You know the deal now,

I’ll come back soonish

Maybe the huge number of followers I gained after that one post went viral will dwindle down to more sane numbers.

Peace, love and red lipstick kisses.

Are they stylish or just beautiful?

Are they stylish or just slim?

Can a not slim person wear that and still be called classy?

Fashion websites make me tired.

My vainness is a direct affront to the years I was told I was ugly… not unattractive, incredibly ugly. 

For years I was ridiculed for daring to beautify myself - the let’s laugh at her for using powder and lipgloss episode is forever seared into my memory, not forgetting the many “why would you even bother?”s or “why did you smile? it’s ugly”. I was teased, taunted and mocked for looking at myself in a mirror, for daring to try to see beyond the hate that was levelled against me.

So now when I say I’m perfect, even if I might not believe it, you will sit and listen and I dare you to say otherwise.

All of that is nice however until people subtly remind you of how less than ideal you are.

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galaxie-rot replied to your post:Face
ooo this is fascinating, i always find myself observing people on the train then wondering if i’m being creepy but continuing to do so anyway loool inquisitive people problems

Heh. I’ve always been a nosy person, and London is filled with so many interesting looking people.
I entertain myself most times by either describing them so I can go back and revel in the memory of the moment or I imagine what their life stories are.
I often wonder what sequence of events led them to sharing that space with me at that particular point in time and what they’d go on to do after we go our separate ways.
I also wonder how they see me and if they have the same thoughts like I do or if I’m nothing more than a nondescript blurred face to them.
I find it oddly satisfying as my journeys can sometimes be very boring :)


There was something very unsettling about her face - it was a lot to do with the very obvious lack of uniformity in its individual proportions.

From the pale chalky pallor of her skin to the harsh un-blended lines of rouge on either sides of her face - lines unapologetically bold as if defying anyone to ask her what she sought to prove.
However, what she did have that was lovely was her chin.
It delicately danced the fine line of rounded childish innocence and jutting adult steeliness.
Overall, she had a questioning face - her face made you confront your ideas of beauty and symmetry and question the laws of uniformity in beauty.
She had one of those faces you always caught yourself stealing glances at time and time again.

I stopped posting my writing on here for a number of reasons.

However, if you’ve followed me long enough, you’ll remember my ‘Day on the Underground’ series. The series metamorphosed into this - detailed descriptions/odes to the random people I see (that I’d otherwise have forgotten about) that capture my interest and imagination in a very particular way for a short amount of time.

The only rule I gave myself was that I had to start writing these ‘pieces’ whilst sharing the same space as my subjects.

In truth, I aimed to write and finish them whilst in the same spaceas the subjects so I stayed as true to them as I possibly could.